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The term “Barbecue” can mean many things. A sauce. A piece of cooking equipment (like a grill). An event where people eat grilled or smoked meat together. A method of cooking using fire and smoke. For us, it’s all of that wrapped into the style or cuisine we call BBQ.

We have taken the best of what we’ve seen as we’ve eaten BBQ in many places around the country and made it our own. A little bit of Texas. A little bit of the Carolinas. A little bit of Tennessee. A little bit of Kansas City. Everyone does it differently, and there are good parts to all of it!

We use a blend of local Pennsylvania Hickory and Cherry

It depends on who’s eating and how much other food you are getting. A good place to start is about 1 pound for every 3 people, but no one has a problem with some BBQ leftovers, right?

If it’s an event where you will need catering services, we recommend as early as possible because we are limited in how many events we can do each day. If you are ordering trays for pickup, we require at least 7 days’ notice.

No. We just focus on the food. For catering services, we provide the food, served buffet style, along with serving utensils and paper products (if needed). For tray orders, each item is ordered a la carte.

All of our catering trays are ½ size foil pans (2 pans will fit in a chafing rack/sterno set) with the exception of our Rib Tray and BBQ Chicken tray which come in full size pans.

Absolutely! We strive to create an atmosphere where everyone can come and enjoy some time together. Our staff is friendly. The music is not too loud. We have plenty of seating so no one will make you feel rushed to leave. There are often family and kid friendly activities happening at Rohrbach’s Farm Market check out the schedule of events at. We’d love to have your family join our family for some delicious BBQ.

All our sauces and rubs are GF, as well as many of our regular menu items.

The BBQ Bowl is your choice of meat topped with your choice of 2 sides, served together, all in one bowl. If you’d like to have your food separated, don’t order a bowl!

Corn tortilla chips, meat, BBQ seasoning, nacho cheese, house made smoked salsa, sour cream, and our sweet BBQ sauce.

You can buy any of our house made BBQ sauces. Just ask at the counter. They are not currently bottled for retail sale, but hopefully soon!

We purchase our meat through approved food suppliers, and follow food safe guidelines for storing, handling, and cooking.

We don’t typically take reservations, but if you have a larger group coming, give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate. We do have one part of the restaurant (a semi-private loft) that can be rented out.

All of our sides are vegetarian, and several are GF.

We do not have outdoor seating directly connected to the restaurant, but there are picnic tables located outside the farm market that you can certainly use.

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